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Case Study

A shattered lawyer told us both the success and failure story of her life. She was from a poor background, but genius by birth. She had a fire in her and hence had zeal to do something substantial for the suppressed class of the society. She did her LLB and then started working under a reputed lawyer. As she was quick-witted, she learnt the nuances of her area of law (Criminal Law) quite easily. Her arguments began to make the headlines of the newspapers and within short span of time so many hardcore criminal were sent behind the bars with no bail owing to her legal acumen. Her stupendous success was hard to stomach for her own mentor.

He started firing on all cylinders. He started making allegations against her online. He, with the help of some of his unscrupulous friends inundated her name with slanderous remarks against her online. Soon she began to feel that she is losing the number of clients she was getting on a regular basis. First, she introspected; there was no error from her part. Then, she started taking suggestions. One of her close acquaintances showed her name flooded with trumped-up charges. She started feeling dejected and rejected. She started crying foul. But, the silver lining in these clouds was the name of our company suggested by one of her distant relatives who was our happy customer. She sprang to action. She told us all that had happened. We did what we were duty bound to do. Our efforts started bearing fruit. Again she is the talk of the town. Stupendous success came again in her life.