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How Can You Remove Negative Reviews from TripAdvisor?

January 7, 2016 by admin

Defamation can be faced by anyone who owns a business in today’s date. In fact, this can badly hit the profits and annual earnings of a business. If you own a hotel or a restaurant, then you too are prone to receiving negative comments or reviews by your customers online. And, if they post their experience on a popular travel and research website like TripAdvisor.com, which is free for all, then it will definitely take a toll on your venture and its image in public can be tarnished.


Being an interactive forum, TripAdvisor is viewed to be a legit platform for consumers as it consists of over a million of hotels and restaurants in the database. The website claims that it receives 21-22 reviews per minute. And, even though they are not able to confirm whether the reviews are posted by a genuine customer or not, yet they these many reviews are sure to impact the image of a restaurant or a hotel in both negative and positive manner.


How Negative Reviews Impact Your Restaurant’s Business?


Not many will take negative reviews seriously until and unless they do not get to see its impact on their business. Negative reviews on a site like TripAdvisor can greatly impact the business gravely. Restaurants or hotel owners will get to witness a decline in their customers in the first place. This is because consumers prefer to look for reviews about a place and when they feel that many have been satisfied with the services, only then will they think to opt for a hotel.


Besides decline in customer base, hotel owners will also come across the situation where their partners try to back off from their commitments. This mainly happens because their partners are worried about their share in the business and how the owner might be able to repay their dues on time. Such consequences are sure to rip-off the value and the brand name of the hotel. An outcome like this will leave the owner with nothing but losses to recover from.


Therefore, before coming across such consequences and a demise of your hotel’s business, it is important that you take these negative reviews seriously. To overcome them, it is pivotal for you to hire an Indian reputation management company that can assist you to revive from the situation and helps you to retain your positive image with ease.


How We Can Help?


Being a reputation management company, we at Reputation.in will make sure that you as our client get to have your positive image and brand name back on track. We understand that your business is a part of a competitive market and at times your rivals try to tarnish your name in order to stay ahead in competition. This is where we come in the picture.


As a reputation management company in India, our first goal is to make sure that the reviews posted on TripAdvisor are genuine or not and what threat do they hold to your hotel’s reputation. In addition to this, our entire team will make sure that all the positive and negative things said about your hotel business are monitored and not a single aspect is left behind.


After analyzing them all, we will begin posting the positive ones in order to suppress the negative reviews online. Our positive posting will include blog and article content, posts on networking sites, press releases about your existing and upcoming services and positive business citations will steadily bury the negative results on Google SERPs. Such efforts by us will surely help you rank better in the search engine and help you get your customer base back.