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Why Doctors Reputation Management is Needed?

April 9, 2014 by admin


Medical professionals of today have very well understood the importance of Online Reputation. Those with good image get the chance of inaugurating a school, child care centre and many more. Health professionals of today resort to Online Reputation Management, not because they want to hide something; but to thwart any unfortunate happening that may mar their online image.


A number of health professionals fail to understand the burden of responsibility that are on their shoulders. In a poor country like India, where even basic medical facility is not available to hundreds of thousands of people, the chagrin against those doctors who fail to perform even after taking hefty amount of money is quite natural. Pharmaceutical company influences health professional very much. They bribe the doctors and in return, want their medicine to get prescribed even if the nature of ailment does not require it. In Indian Journal of Medical Ethics , it was surfaced that there is an interdependence of doctors and pharmaceutical companies.


But, contrary is also correct. The society we live in is definitely not an ideal one. There are some vested interests almost everywhere, who want to leave no chance to make a dent on a person of repute. If they fail to do something substantial; take shelter of Internet. As anyone can post anything in review site, regardless the truth; the farce reviews prove to be a formidable weapon of some unscrupulous persons. And this is where the importance of doctors reputation management lies.


Some companies like Reputation.in do a wonderful job in safeguarding the prestige of a medical professional. Some of the services provided by this esteemed company are as follow:

  • Vigilant Monitoring.
  • Quick and Positive Review Generation.
  • Posting of Positive Reviews on Review Sites.
  • Rebuttal Services.
  • Burial of the negative reviews.

Reputation.in efficiently and effectively manages the digital reputation of health professionals by keeping a prying eye on what is being said about its clients. This esteemed company not only ensures that the doctors get the influx of patients, uninterruptedly; but also make it sure that their good deeds, achievements and accomplishments get proper attention.

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