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How to Delete Your Negative Video from the Internet?

December 12, 2015 by admin

Being a part of competitive market isn’t an easy task. Whether you own a hotel, a business empire, or work as a professional lawyer or a doctor, you are bound to become a victim of negative reviews and comments. But recently customers and business rivals have found another way of defaming you in the market. Posting negative videos online that have a tendency of going viral is the latest form of bringing down your business reputation in the market.

Understanding their Impact

There is no doubt that after your personal videos get posted on websites like xvideos, xhamster, revenge porn, YouPorn, Porn Hub, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo and more, your business is bound to get affected. Your clients will no longer want to partner with you and opt for your services. Employees at work place will feel hesitant in coming to office and there is a probability of them creating fake rumors.

There have been incidents where family and friends tend to formulate a biased opinion about the individual whose videos have been uploaded online. You could become a witness to this situation as well. You may also come across neighbors and family friends who may bad mouth about you in public. Such incidents and situations can lower your moral as an individual. And, cases like these can cause depression, anxiety and panic attack symptoms in you.

Consequences If You Ignore Videos

If you ignore these videos, then you may face repercussions that can further deteriorate your brand name. Your company may face heavy losses that you may never overcome for long. And losing your reputation amongst your existing and potential customers can turn out to be devastating for your business.

Whereas, on the personal front, it will become difficult for you to face people at home and office place who would have started formulating their opinions and judgments on the basis of the video posted.

How an Indian Reputation Management Company Can Help You Out?

When you are the target in the video posted online, the first question that may come to mind is how to remove personal videos from adult websites or others? To be honest, it’s not a piece of cake. It is not possible for individuals to commit so without adequate knowledge at hand. This is one of the reasons why many would consider hiring reputation management in India. Not only will they cost cheap but can offer many benefits at the same time.

Online reputation management service provider will be able to identify the mother-sites and will make sure that the video is removed from the root resource. This will in turn assist them to put a halt on the distribution process of the video on the internet. Besides this, if the video has reached any porn site, then the reputation management company will ensure to remove it as soon as possible that is within 24 hours to one month. The time span is determined depending upon the process and its circulation type.

With such benefits, there is no that the reputation management service provider will stop the defamation process against you with ease. All you need to do is hire a known name in the market that is experienced enough in handling your reputation management campaign and the rest will surely become a history!